Package Details

Thought Leadership

  • An opportunity for a short ‘lightning’ presentation at the start of the workshop from a senior executive
  • Opportunity for a customer of the sponsor to give a ‘lightning’ presentation before a module within the workshop
  • A collaborative approach to develop the topics and set the agenda with a TM Forum Conference Producer

Event Branding

  • Logo featured on signage during the workshop (Three free standing signs)
  • Logo featured on holding slides during the workshop

Marketing & Communications

  • Logo on all emails dedicated to the summit
  • Logo featured on the event website

Lead Generation & Networking

  • Full attendee list (name, company, job title) starting four weeks prior to the event
  • Provide your attendee wish list and TM Forum’s acquisition team will recruit on your behalf


  • Meeting room for the day set-up for up to 50 people in rounds of 10 or cabaret
  • Audio-Visual equipment provided
  • Screen and projector
  • Laptop
  • Four wireless lapel microphones
  • One Q&A microphone
  • Presentation clicker
  • Arrival tea/coffee, two breaks, and lunch for up to 50 people
  • Registration with name badges
  • Food, beverage and logistics will be managed by TM Forum

Other Options

(may incur additional cost- not inlcuded in the price)

  • Translation
  • Translation equipment
  • Additional audio-visual equipment
  • Additional food & beverage if exceed 50 people
  • Drinks reception
  • Pre-event dinner

Speak to me about a fully customizable package based on
your objectives and price point