Becoming a 5G digital partner 

Seventy two percent of 5G commercial opportunities require telecoms companies to radically re-think their operational management. Digital Transformation Middle East will explore the new technology and business environment required to become a true 5G Digital Partner. 

New forms of media & entertainment will use enhanced mobile broadband, smart logistics & manufacturing will use widespread IoT capabilities, and business-to-business and business-to-government services will use ultra-low latency to automate mission critical services. This multitude of use cases requires artificial intelligence to orchestrate network slices and virtualize network functions. Remaining customer-centered in such an agile operating environment requires a radical overhaul of customer management processes so monetization and trust continue to grow.

Digital Transformation Middle East is the industry’s regional platform for strategists, business leaders and technologists to collaborate and make this future a reality

50+ CxOs connecting in a collaborative environment

Senior participation from the region’s top 10 communication service providers

60% of attendees from communication service providers

A two-track conference split into strategy and technology

"It was a really great time spent at the event for my colleagues and I, getting to know what others think and what others have done to tackle the challenges with digital transformation.Hope we get a chance again to see you all here in Dubai, UAE."
Syed Mubarak – Business Analyst/Requirement Manager, Etisalat

Attending companies


emails reaching
10,000+ in the region


email open rate with
15.1% click rate


average time on website page


page views and
1,600+ unique page views







"I’d like to congratulate you on running such a fantastic forum in Dubai.
Without a doubt we will be attending future events."
Andrew Savage, Senior Manager, Transformation and Operational Excellence, MTN Group