Beyond Connectivity

The arrival of 5G and AI-enabled IoT cyber physical ‘phygital’ systems and B2B2x services is creating new opportunities. From new forms of media & entertainment, to smart manufacturing, robotics and logistics, transport, health and cities – each one is experimenting with its own future.  Share your experience of enabling tomorrow’s connected ecosystem by blurring line between physical and digital business. 

Eligibility Check List
In order to be eligible for this award, the entry should:

  • Be a joint entry outlining a digital transformation business-case study, with your commercial partner
  • Represent a current TM Forum member in good standing
  • Utilize TM Forum’s best practices and standards to deliver quantifiable business value

Judging Criteria
The following criteria will be used when evaluating the entries:

  • What is the business challenge you solved in this case study and how does it develop the theme of the award? (weighting: 25%)
  • Describe the key business benefits that make your case study a strong candidate for this award. (weighting: 40%)

o You must include at least 6 quantifiable facts that prove the value of your entry

o What digital transformation innovation does the case study highlight?

  • How you used TM Forum assets to enable these achievements. (weighting: 25%)
  • What challenges did you face and how did you resolve them? What were the lessons learnt? (weighting: 10%)