Cloud Native IT & Agility

The pressure is on to use hyper converged infrastructure to deliver faster time-to-value and dynamic zero-touch operations. The path to delivering enterprise-grade CI/CD DevOps is set, but there’s tension coming from every direction. Share your visions, victories and battle- scars from the journey to create a lean digital operating model.

Eligibility Check List
In order to be eligible for this award, the entry should:

  • Be a joint entry outlining a digital transformation business-case study, with your commercial partner
  • Represent a current TM Forum member in good standing
  • Utilize TM Forum’s best practices and standards to deliver quantifiable business value

Judging Criteria
The following criteria will be used when evaluating the entries:

  • What is the business challenge you solved in this case study and how does it develop the theme of the award? (weighting: 25%)
  • Describe the key business benefits that make your case study a strong candidate for this award. (weighting: 40%)

o You must include at least 6 quantifiable facts that prove the value of your entry

o What digital transformation innovation does the case study highlight?

  • How you used TM Forum assets to enable these achievements. (weighting: 25%)
  • What challenges did you face and how did you resolve them? What were the lessons learnt? (weighting: 10%)