Disruptive Innovation Award

This award is made to a start-up or new business venture which has truly innovated and caused disruption in the industry. The winning company would have launched a new product or service that has delivered a measurable benefit for business users or customers and has completely disrupted or caused innovation in the existing marketplace.

2018 winner:

Eligibility Check List
In order to be eligible for this award, the nominated company must:

  • A newly formed innovative company which is having a high value industry impact and is no more than five years old, with a valuation of no more than $50million.
  • Able to demonstrate and quantify how the service is innovative and new and how it has disrupted the current market landscape
  • Able to quantify the business value delivered through the service and commercial potential of the service.

Judging Criteria

The judges will look at the following criteria when evaluating the entries:

  • How commercially successful has the service been to date, what is its growth potential?
  • How is the company/service contributing to disrupting the current market status quo? - What will the market impact be?
  • What problem does the company/service solve through its innovative approach? i.e. is it solving a new problem or an existing problem in a new innovative way?