Business Transformation Award

This award recognizes the communications, digital infrastructure or media service provider which has made the greatest strides in transforming its business operation to a low cost, agile and customer-centric model.

2018 Finalists:

China Mobile | Huawei • China Unicom • Ericsson |entel •

Reliance Jio • Salesforce | T-Mobile

2018 winner:

"We set out to change the lives of 1.25 billion people… We had to build a data network which took the country from the position of 150thto the number one mobile data service provider in the world. TM Forum provided us the standards framework which helped us optimize the cost of operations.”

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio Infocomm, a greenfield operator that entered the highly competitive telecom market in India in 2016, won this award for unifying and automating its network and service operations (NOC/SOC) capabilities. Using TM Forum Frameworx, the company developed a “single pane of glass” to monitor nine different network domains that include 51 vendors managing a network of 200,000 radio access node elements, 164,000 IP core and access elements, and 184,059 kilometers of transport network. The transformation has resulted in a 95% reduction in the alarm-to-trouble ticket ratio, and mean time to repair has fallen to below 4 hours for intercity and intracity fiber cuts.